Java ESXi GUI client that connects to VMware ESXi Server and provides management capabilities
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Program:  HueVIClient
Version:  2.0
Date:     10/27/2011

Lead Developer:   Humair Ahmed 

Lisa Huang
 - Added event listener functionality to update application when changes are
   made either through the Java client or on the ESXi server itself
 - Moved prior ESX code to MangedVirtualMachine to better organize/implement code
   and added some additions
 - Helped isolate and fix minor bugs

Notes: OVF Import/Export functionality currently taken out to address some bugs - will be added in future release

Open source software being distributed under GPL license. For more information see here: 
Can edit and redistribute code as long as above reference of authorship is kept within the code.

In addition to making sure you have Java installed on your system, make sure you have the VI (vSphere) Java API correctly installed and configured as an external library in your project.