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This is a pimped up basic yii2 template ❤️. It's a firestarter 🔥
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Yii 2 Basic Firestarter

This is a somewhat modified version of the basic template with some pregonfigured features. I've created this to save time upon creating a new project.

Please leave a star if you're considering to use this template in production.


  • dotenv configuration ( idea by @lostika86 )
  • The dektrium/yii2-user and dektrium/yii2-rbac packages with basic config
  • An api identifier solution (Authorization header => Bearer token)
  • An api module
  • Predefined controllerMap to the console config (added migration commands)
  • A conventional commits helper

Check out the packages

Get started

Use the latest release

$ composer create-project hunwalk/yii2-basic-firestarter <projectName> --prefer-dist

Or use the current master branch, if you're in a hurry for features if there is any

$ git clone <projectName>
$ cd <projectName>
$ composer install
$ composer run-script post-create-project-cmd

post-create-project-cmd script sets up the permissions for some folders and generates the cookieValidationKey for you


1st step

Create a .env file from the .env.example


$ cp .env.example .env


$ copy .env.example .env

2nd step

  • Fill in the .env file. Add or remove things, it's your choice entirely
  • Run the following commands
    $ php yii migrate-user
    $ php yii migrate-rbac
    $ php yii migrate

3rd step

  • Run the server and be happy :)
    $ php yii serve

Use Conventional Commits

Thanks to the conventional commits project and this guy:

Now with:

$ php yii fire/commit

you can start the commitizen which helps you to make beautiful commits. You can find the configuration file at config/commitizen.php


  • Correct testing
  • Mention every 3rd party package here
  • Test the API key functionality (tested, now it should work)
  • Make a v1 api module with contentNegotiation HttpBearerAuth and verbFilter by default

Sites or projects ignited by this

Send a PR if you have one :)

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