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A framework is a reusable set of libraries or classes in software. In an effort to help developers focus their work on higher level tasks, a framework provides a functional solution for lower level elements of coding. While a framework might add more code than is necessary, they also provide a reusable pattern to speed up development.

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YanDevDe commented Feb 18, 2020

What problem does this feature solve?

It would allow us to use numbers which is larger than MAX_SAFE_INTEGER.

What does the proposed API look like?

In HTML, {{BigInt("100")}}, {{100n}}, {{2n * 50n}} or {{50n + 50n}} should show "100" (it can be just simply string by using .toString()) at frontend.
At the moment using BigInt in "Mustache" syntax just throw error.
Sure, backu

vdegove commented Mar 19, 2020

For now, there is no mention of Webpack in the official guides – neither on edge guides – except for Ruby on Rails 6 release notes and upgrade guide. The documentation of the Webpacker gem is quite good, but a newcomer to Rails wouldn't know at first that he needs to have a look to it.

Specifically, it would be good to have a mention of Webpack in the following guides:

  • The Asset Pipeline
MastroLindus commented Feb 24, 2020

Some of the issues below are already mentioned in other tickets, but I have the feeling that a proper generic issue is due to give it visibility, as for now the current package is unusable for many users.

  1. The typescript package doesn't respect the tsconfig flags, and many of them are hardcoded inside the meteor/babel package.
    I understand that meteor needs to control some compilation option
KernelDeimos commented Nov 16, 2019


Using the fetch API from WHATWG in Google Chrome, an image upload does not have Content-Type multipart/form-data. Instead, the content type is set to the MIME type (ex: image/jpeg) with a boundary parameter. Setting Content-Type explicitly to multipart/form-data should result in an error (and it does).

How to reproduce

Follow an existing image upload example from

maciejwalkowiak commented Feb 14, 2020

Search engines results often lead to old versions of Spring Framework reference and it is becoming a habit to go to address bar and change the version in the URL to current.

As I imagine it's not straightforward to optimise reference website for promoting latest current version in search results, one solution I have in mind is to add for every version older than current an information like:

teodoroanca commented Apr 16, 2020


When I scrape without proxy, both https and http urls work.
Using proxy through https works just fine. My problem is when I try http urls.
In that moment I get the twisted.web.error.SchemeNotSupported: Unsupported scheme: b'' error

As I see, most of the people have this issue the other way around.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Scrape a http link with proxy


emiliobondioli commented Jul 26, 2019

What problem does this feature solve?

Example use case:
A static generated app with thousands of routes, like an e-commerce having a route for each product.
Apart from scheduling nuxt generate to run periodically and generate all static and dynamic routes, it would be nice to have the possibility to generate the static files for a single route, for example in a hook when the related ba

samcoenen commented Mar 11, 2019

Looks closely related to #779

I'm submitting a...

[ ] Regression
[x] Bug report
[ ] Feature request
[ ] Documentation issue or request
[ ] Support request => Please do not submit support request here, instead post your question on Stack Overflow.

Current behavior

Middleware is being called for every endpoint a request route could potentially match.

B-Galati commented Nov 8, 2019

At the moment it's quite hard to debug HTTP errors because the only information we get is:

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request returned for "".

It would be nice to have an opt-in option that would automatically open response payload and headers in order to log them in Sentry for example. It may require to handle a max lenght on the response payload.

StephenEsser commented Oct 25, 2019


When using postcss v7.0.20 the webpack compilation fails with the following stack trace.

✖ 「wdm」: TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
    at /Users/username/workspaces/terra/terra-core/9.css:220:3
    at new Quoted (/Users/username/workspaces/terra/terra-core/node_modules/postcss-values-parser/lib/nodes/Quoted.js:19:28)
    at cloneNode (/Users/username/works
asyslinux commented Dec 28, 2019

Dear developers. I write my custom specific web server for work with specific archive files, compression, encryption, etc. And i want to publish my web server under BSD-2-Clause license.

In my project i use Iris and Iris logger as basement.
I'm not going to use the name of your project to promote my project.

Can I publish my project under the BSD-2-Clause license?


bytecode1024 commented Apr 20, 2020

Describe the bug

I found that if an item of a simple list contains sub-components, they were regenerated after the component containing the list is mounted.

Is this a bug or simply a misuse of a simple list?

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavio

WeeSee commented Feb 9, 2020

In console/Controller.php we can read:

     * Prints a string to STDOUT.
     * You may optionally format the string with ANSI codes by
     * passing additional parameters using the constants defined in [[\yii\helpers\Console]].
     * Example:
     * ```
     * $this->stdout('This will be red and underlined.', Console::FG_RED, Console::UNDERLINE);
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