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Hunter's Interview Problem Purgatory

Over time I've encountered some very fun software engineering interview questions! I've written (what I perceive to be) thorough solutions here for the enjoyment of others. Please submit pull requests if you believe you can improve any of the solutions!

Python Linter

In the interest of code quality, I've been using Google's python linter which maintains their open-sourced Python Style Guide.


pip install pylint

If you haven't installed pip, please install it via the instructions at

Example Usage

pylint --rcfile=pylint_config.rc [myfile1 myfile2 ...]

When you are cd'd into the root of this repository, you can use the following command to lint all python files in this repository.

pylint --rcfile=pylint_config.rc --reports=n $(find python/ -name *.py)

Curious what this does? BASH is fun! Find out at