Schema development for the International Aid Transparency Initiative.
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International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) XML Schemas
Release 2.02, 2015-12-07

This directory contains version 2.02 of the IATI XML schemas, effective 2015-12-07. More information about these schemas is available at

This directory contains the following files:

File Description
README.rst This file.
CHANGES.txt Change log.
iati-activities-schema.xsd XML Schema for describing aid activities (e.g. projects).
iati-organisations-schema.xsd XML schema for describing aid organisations and their budgets.
iati-common.xsd A supplementary schema with common IATI markup. Must be in the same directory as the above.
xml.xsd A supplementary schema that must be in the same directory as the above.
iati-registry-record-schema.xsd An application-specific extension schema for importing documents into the IATI registry.
tests/ Unit tests for the schemas.

The tests include a series of short XML documents that should pass or file when parsed against the schemas in this distribution. The shell scripts for running the tests rely on a Unix environment with the bash shell and the xmllint utility, but the test documents will work with any schema-aware XML parser. We will add unit tests as schema development continues.

Acknowlegements David Megginson <> for his original work on the IATI Schemas and continued support and involvment.