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Python package that can be installed to make it easier to create MAX models
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kmh4321 and splovyt Image Utils (#13)
* Initial commit

* initial commit.

* Add backbone for image_utils module. Also updated the file with the Pillow dependency.

* Added basic image pre processing utils.

* Added postprocessor code.

* added test image and code. modularized preprocessing.

* Changed variable names to avoid confusion.

* Fixed postprocessing code.

* Rename and add pytest, add verbosity support, and reformat

* Added functions for converting dtype and standardize/normalize.

* Switch to ABC structure, implement sanity checks, implement more transformations, and add some tests

* Update dimension checks, and add denormalization

* add documentation

* rearranged functions and other cosmetic changes.

* Fixed function signature in test script.

* Fixed issues from unit testing.

* fixed typo.

Co-Authored-By: kmh4321 <>

* Updated test scripts.

* added individual test cases.

* Removed ABC.

* Removed DS_Store.

* Fixed pytest duplicate test calls.

* Fix travis CI flake issues.

* Fixes travis issues.

* Fixes travis issues.

* Fixes travis issues.

* WIP image utils rework

* WIP image utils rework

* added various tests, fixed some bugs, and implement standardize, normalize, rotate

* add flask error support

* add another layer to specifically customize error messages

* Fix flake8 issues.

* Fixed pytest error.

* Create a MAXImageProcessor and a regular ImageProcessor

* Propose move of MAXImageProcessor to `core/`

* move to folder

* rewrite MAXImageProcessor and update tests

* [wip] updates nick

* Fix bug in standardize and normalize, enforce proper use and write corresponding tests

* add extra test for rotation

* add grayscale value tests and general image value bounds

* add more pixel value tests

* updates hong: add documentation for `apply transforms`, remove unused variable, and restructure tests`

* comments hong: further optimize tests and add documentation

* comments gitignore hong

* extend standardize functionality

* update standardize exceptions.

* Fix flake8 linting issue.

* feedback Nick

* Added specific flask exceptions.

* Flask exception handing.

* flake8.

* Added license headers.

* flask error messages.

* prohibit standardization of RGBA images
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maxfw Image Utils (#13) Jul 11, 2019
.gitignore Image Utils (#13) Jul 11, 2019
LICENSE Undo modifications to the license itself (#22) May 10, 2019 Image Utils (#13) Jul 11, 2019

Build Status PyPy release

Model Asset Exchange Framework

Python package that contains common code shared across all MAX models.



The package can be installed with pip. However, this is not necessary as each MAX model will get the maxfw package via the MAX-Base image.

If you want to run a MAX model outside of a Docker container then you can install it with the following command:

$ pip install -U maxfw


For an example of this package being used in a MAX model, we recommend looking at the MAX-Skeleton Repository on GitHub.

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