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The helpful and handy location for finding and sharing example IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) scripts and snippets.
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DBB Community Repository

Welcome to the IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) community repository. The helpful and handy location for finding and sharing example DBB scripts and snippets.



For instructions on how to contribute new samples and bug fixes, please read the Contributions Guidelines.


Sample Description
Automation/idManagement Create and delete ids on a z/OS system.
Automation/Merge A set of three samples to demonstrate how to use the Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU) to merge two datasets using shell commands, Java APIs and Python APIs.
Build/BuildReport Sample showing how to extend the BuildReport to provide additional functionality
Build/HelloWorld The HelloWorld sample provides simple source file types and the Groovy build scripts to compile them
Build/IDE A collection of 3 samples from PLI, COBOL, and ASM created by the IDz/ZOD team with instructions to run them on IDz/ZOD.
Build/MortgageApplication Sample application demonstrating many of the build functions provided by DBB.
Build/MortgageApplicationV2 Contains two updated versions of the MortgageApplication sample (single repository and shared across multiple repositories) designed to be built by zAppBuild
Build/MultiThreadMVSJob Sample showing how to modilfy a compilation script to run in a multi-thread environment.
Build/PublishLoadModules Sample demonstrating how to publish load modules to Artifactory after a successful build.
Build/zAppBuild zAppBuild is a generic build solution for building z/OS applications using Apache Groovy build scripts and IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) APIs.
IDE/GitISPFClient An ISPF interface that interacts with a Git repository to allow cloning, staging, checking in, pushing and pulling as well as other git commands.
Migration/mappingExtension Sample showing how to extend the DBB Migration tool script to detect possible round-trip encoding problems when importing and loading to HFS.
Migration/sclm This sample provides scripts to migrate source members to local Git repository and convert the build information in SCLM into build Groovy scripts.
Snippets/InteractiveGateway Example showing how to use the new ISPFExec/TSOExec Interactive Gateway support added in DBB v1.0.2
Snippets/PropertyMappings Example showing how to use the new PropertyMappings class to perform aggregate functions on DBB BuildProperties.
Snippets/zUnitTestCase Example showing how to use the JCLExec command added in DBB v1.0.1
Utilities/BuildManager Background process for queueing and managing build scripts without additional JVM start-up overhead.
Utilities/BuildReportPruner Utility scripts demonstating rule based BuildReport pruning and preserving.
Utilities/Jenkins Utility shell scripts supplied to address issues when running Jenkins remote agents on z/OS UNIX System Services (USS).
Utilities/ReadSMFRecords Groovy scripts to read System Management Facilities (SMF) records using IBM's Dependency Based Build capabilities.
Utilities/Validation Groovy scripts that can aid in the validation of product installs.
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