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EPUB 3 Samples

This repository contains the source for a variety of EPUB 3.0 sample documents. The collection is intended to showcase features of the EPUB 3 standard, and to provide testing materials for Reading System developers.

Please see the project page for more general information about the samples, including a table of samples and feature matrix.


Unless specified otherwise in the samples table, all samples are licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0


All of the latest samples are available for download from the samples table. If needed, you can also create EPUB publications directly from the samples source. There are two sets of shell and batch scripts available at the root of the repository.

The first, pack-all, will build all of the samples:


The second script, pack-single, is used to build individual samples:

pack-single.sh 30/accessible_epub_3

The argument to this script is the relative path to the sample you want to build.

Note: The batch script can be run on Windows OSes; there is no difference in functionality or how it is called.

Want to contribute?

If you want to contribute to this project, there are several options:

Reporting Issues

We want to make sure all samples provided here are conformant, pristine, and employ best practices consistently. If you spot an issue while reviewing and/or testing the content, report it to the issue tracker.

Contributing new samples

If you want to contribute sample(s), please contact the project owners. After an initial discussion, they will either give you write access to the repository, or arrange some other means of getting the content into the repository. Note that all submitted content is by default subject to CC-BY-SA 3.0 licensing. As a contributor, you are able to specify attribution metadata only in the sample's package file. Note also that the project owners may suggest or even require modifications to your submissions to be done in order to meet the desired quality level.

Contributing variations / improvements to existing samples

If you want to contribute to an existing sample by adding to or varying some aspect of it, use the issue tracker and submit your patch as an attachment. Note that your submission must adhere to the same open source license as the containing sample.