Integrated version of Safecast bGeigie device
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Integrated version of Safecast bGeigie device

We created an integrated version of the bGeigie device, a mobile survey Geiger counter. Our PCB is based on orginal design by Safecast. We removed various breakout boards and instead placed most of the components directly on the PCB. Our design uses RedBear Duo as a central processing unit, instead of Arduino Fio. The entire circuit can be powered through USB connector on RedBear, or from a 3.7V LiPo battery. The circuit also includes a battery charger. For control of the Geiger gas tube the iRover is being used, just like in the original design. A LED and a piezo buzzer signalyze the incoming pulses. FGPMMOPA6H GPS receiver from Adafruit retrieves the current position of the device and an accelerometer/magnetometer (LSM303C form ST Microelectronics) measures acceleration and orientation of it. Data are being logged on a micro SD card. A socket for the XBee module is also included, which enables connection to an external logger. A monochrome, 128x32 pixels wide OLED graphical display from Adafruit displays a simple user interface. Accelerometer/magnetometer uses an I2C interface. SD card and OLED display communicate via SPI. XBee and GPS module are using an UART interface.

Changes in schematic:

  • Power supply:
    • automatic switch between battery or USB powered mode
    • software power-down
  • GPS module:
    • connection to battery
    • uFL connector for external antenna
  • OLED display:
    • changed to I2C interface
    • added socket for alternative display
  • magnetic buzzer with integrated oscillator
  • high brigthess LEDs for COUNT and LOG indication
  • added rotary encoder