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  1. ISA tools API

    Python 27 30

  2. ISAcreator is a Java desktop application which allows for the creation and editing of ISA-Tab files. Originally developed by Eamonn Maguire, with further contributions by Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran…

    Java 34 25

  3. OntoMaton facilitates ontology search and tagging functionalities within Google Spreadsheets.

    JavaScript 29 4

  4. Risa allows to access metadata/data in ISA-tab format and builds Bioconductor data structures. Apart from parsing ISA-tab files, the package also provides functionality to save the ISA-tab dataset,…

    R 17 11

  5. Package to convert ISA-TAB files into RDF data relying on different semantic frameworks (OWL ontologies).

    Java 10 4

  6. This is the development repository for the STATistics Ontology (STATO). For more information and demonstration on the ontology content, please visit its website:

    Java 17 7


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