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ISA tools

ISA tools

Java 1 1


The STATistics Ontology

Updated April 23, 2014

Java 2 0


Utility classes

Updated April 22, 2014

JavaScript 5 2


OntoMaton facilitates ontology search and tagging functionalities within Google Spreadsheets.

Updated April 16, 2014


ISAcreator is a Java desktop application which allows for creation and editing of ISATab files. Led by Eamonn Maguire, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran and Philippe Rocca-Serra (Uni. of Oxford).

Updated April 12, 2014

Java 3 1


Package to convert ISA-TAB files into RDF data relying on different semantic frameworks (OWL ontologies).

Updated April 10, 2014

Shell 0 3


SOAPdenovo2 case study website

Updated April 07, 2014

Java 0 0


Updated April 07, 2014


The ISAconfigurator allows for creation of XML files (configuration files) used to build spreadsheets in the ISAcreator and for validation in the creator and ISAvalidation code. Led by Eamonn Maguire, Philippe Rocca-Serra (Uni. of Oxford).

Updated April 04, 2014


ISAconfiguration files which have been created by the ISAconfigurator. These can be used by ISAcreator, ISAvalidator, ISAconverter and the BII Data Management Tool

Updated March 21, 2014

JavaScript 0 0


A better sequence logo visualization

Updated February 27, 2014


Risa allows to access metadata/data in ISA-tab format and builds Bioconductor data structures. Apart from parsing ISA-tab files, the package also provides functionality to save the ISA-tab dataset, or each of its individual files. Additionally, it is also possible to update assay files. Currently, metadata associated to proteomics and metabolomics-based assays (i.e. mass spectrometry) can be processed into an xcmsSet object (from the xcms R package).

Updated January 24, 2014


The ISAvalidator, ISA converter and BII data manager tools

Updated January 24, 2014

Java 3 1


A GUI to display ISAtab errors, showing images of files and listing the errors clearly.

Updated January 14, 2014

Java 0 1


Motif finding algorithm and tool to find functionally relevant motifs in workflows.

Updated October 15, 2013

Java 3 2


Plugins developed for use in the ISAcreator. They should be placed in a 'Plugins' directory in the ISAcreator build environment.

Updated July 01, 2013

JavaScript 1 1


Restful Webservice for Validation of ISATab files.

Updated May 10, 2013

Java 5 2


This package is a generic implementation of a method for producing spreadsheets out of pipeline graphs. It is based on the computation of the minimum flow from all the sources to all the sink nodes, having set at 1 the lower bound for all the experimental workflow arcs (and no upper bound, i.e. capacity) restrictions.

Updated April 16, 2013


The web application, model, database persistence, services package and web services for the BII. Led by Eamonn Maguire (Uni. of Oxford) & Philippe Rocca-Serra (Uni. of Oxford).

Updated March 05, 2013

Perl 2 2


forked from bobular/Bio-Parser-ISATab

Parses ISA-Tab investigation file and dependent files into one big hash-based Perl data structure

Updated November 28, 2012

Java 5 2


Converter which can pull from ArrayExpress (by an accession number) or read local files and convert them to ISAtab. Lead by Philippe Rocca-Serra & Eamonn Maguire, University of Oxford

Updated October 01, 2012

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