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Alvex manager dashboard tasks

Extends alvex-orgchart to allow Supervisor monitor all divisions he manages, their performance and tasks lifecycle.


  • Supervisor can see, comment and reassign tasks assigned to users from his team
  • Supervisor can see and comment workflows started by users from his team


Compatible with Alfresco 5.1 and 5.2.

This component requires:

Using this project

Recommended way to use Alvex components is to include them as dependencies to your Maven project. Follow this guide to include this component to your project.

Build from source

To build Alvex follow this guide.

Quick Start

  1. Create Orgchart and configure supervisors for all units.
  2. Supervisor can open Tasks of my Team and Workflows of my Team pages from Tasks submenu in the header.
  3. Also supervisor can add Tasks of my Team dashlet to the dashboard.