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Named Entity Recognition for Danish
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Named Entity Recognition for Danish

Distributed by ITU NLP

This tool uses Stanford CoreNLP NER and the model from DKIE to tag incoming Danish plaintext for named entities, in three classes: location, person, and organization names.

To run:

  • Download and, if needed, unzip
  • In the same directory as the code, where your text is in "textfile", run:
    • daner <textfile> (Windows)
    • ./daner <textfile> (Mac or Linux)


  • DKIE - Derczynski et al. (2014). "DKIE: Open Source Information Extraction for Danish". In Proceedings of EACL
  • Stanford NER - Jenny Rose Finkel, Trond Grenager, and Christopher Manning. (2005). "Incorporating Non-local Information into Information Extraction Systems by Gibbs Sampling". Proceedings of the 43nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2005), pp. 363-370.


daner is licensed as GNU GPL v3, inherited from Stanford CoreNLP.

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