Image Multiplier is the easiest way to create all of the PNG files you need for a complex Xamarin Solution including all of the sizes needed by Android and iOS. It converts SVG files to PNG files according to a set of specifications. You can install it from the Gallery in the Add-in Manager in Xamarin Studio.
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Image Multiplier is an AddIn for Xamarin Studio.

It adds a new file type '.multiplier' in which you can specify a set of output image files that you want to create and a set of source SVG files you want to process.

Image Multiplier processes each source SVG file against each matched set of output specifiers to create PNG files. The output specifier defines the size of the image and the file name and directory where it should be created.

From a simple text file and a set of SVG files, Image Multiplier can create all of the image sizes you need for any iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, or Web projects in your solution.

You can specify different sets of output image specifiers for each component of your application, e.g. one set for icons, another for toolbar icons, another for App Store icons and another for your web site.

To regenerate all your image files simply edit the .multiplier file and save it.

There is no easier way to create all of the PNG files you need for your Xamarin cross-platform solution.

Here is a sample '.multiplier' file:

# This is a sample Image Multiplier specification file
# In here you define each of the output types you want to create
# And then provide search expressions for the SVG files you want to process
# Each SVG file is processes against the matching type specifiers to create
# multiple PNG files in all of the sizes you need for your Android and iOS projects

{ type: 'AndroidIcon', width: 36, color: '#f80c12', path: 'Android/Resources/drawable-ldpi/{0}' }
{ type: 'AndroidIcon', width: 48, color: '#f80c12', path: 'Android/Resources/drawable-mdpi/{0}' }
{ type: 'AndroidIcon', width: 72, color: '#f80c12', path: 'Android/Resources/drawable-hdpi/{0}' }
{ type: 'AndroidIcon', width: 96, color: '#f80c12', path: 'Android/Resources/drawable-xhdpi/{0}' }
{ type: 'AndroidIcon', width: 96, color: '#f80c12', path: 'Android/Resources/drawable/{0}' }

{ type: 'iosIcon', width:  32, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}@1x' }
{ type: 'iosIcon', width:  29, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}29@1x' }
{ type: 'iosIcon', width:  57, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}57@1x' }
{ type: 'iosIcon', width:  58, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}29@2x' }
{ type: 'iosIcon', width:  80, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}40@2x' }
{ type: 'iosIcon', width: 114, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}57@2x' }
{ type: 'iosIcon', width: 120, path: 'iOS/Resources/{0}60@2x' }

{ type: 'TabIcon', width: 52, color: '#f80c12', path: 'Android/Resources/drawable-ldpi{0}' }

# You can process multiple directories, each with different type specifiers
{ process: './*.svg', as: ['AndroidIcon', 'iosIcon'] }

Note how the 'as' parameter in the process instructions contains an array of 'type' values. These refer to the output types defined earlier in the file. Each SVG file or directory of SVG files can be processes against a different set of output types. This allows you to have different sets of specifiers for App icons, toolbar icons, App Store icons, etc..

Note also that the 'path' parameter is a format string into which the source file name (minus the .SVG extension) will be poured.

Each line in the file is a JSON object although the file itself is not a JSON object. The parser looks for two different JSON object types: one containing a type field and one containing a process field.

Setup / Install

You can install Image Multiplier from the Addin Manager menu in Xamarin Studio. Go to Gallery and look under IDE extensions.

You can also download the ImageMultipler_1.3.5.mpack (or later) file and then install it manually into Xamarin Studio using the menu item 'Xamarin Studio' > 'Add-in Manager...' and then click 'Install from file ...'.


To build the Addin package, compile the solution and then open a terminal window and run the following commmand:

"/Applications/Xamarin" setup pack ImageMultiplier/bin/debug/ImageMultiplier.dll

This will create the .mpack file which you can install manually by following the instructions above.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure your SVG file has an valid XML header on it:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

Note that no changes are made to a PNG file if it is already newer than the SVG file. So if you change the image parameters but do not change the file name format string you will need to manually delete the PNG file. You can also touch all the .SVG files to move their dates up which will force regeneration of all the PNG files.

Future Improvements

Support colorization of SVG files to allow, for example, a red, green and blue version of an icon.

Support height and width for non-square icons.