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Spartan is a small Lisp dialect that serves me as a test bed for programming language features. Currently implemented features are:

  • executable language grammar defined as a (PEG parser generator)-generated parser,
  • recursion by way of letrec conversion with strongly conected components reordering & assignment conversions,
  • a first-class module system with a shorthand accessor syntax (module, structure and
  • continuations - both delimited (shift & reset) as well as undelimited (letcc),
  • exception handling with restarts (raise & handle) relying on the continuations,
  • actor model (spawn, send, recv),
  • a built-in, Rete-based Rule Based System (signal!, assert!, retract!, select and notify-whenever),

See here for some usage examples.

The compiler is far from being useful, it doesn't even have a code generator yet, and it performs only rudimentary low-hanging fruit optimizations. It loosely follows the nanopass framework, with currently implemented passes being:

  • parsing,
  • built-in macro expansion,
  • syntax tree elaboration,
  • implicit body handling,
  • quasiquote expansion,
  • constant value annotation,
  • free-variable annotation,
  • binding form analysis,
  • syntax tree validation,
  • built-in function inlining,
  • user function inlining,
  • constant propagation,
  • constant folding,
  • common subexpression elimination,
  • copy propagation,
  • dead code elimination,
  • letrec binding reordering,
  • letrec conversion,
  • continuation passing style transformation,
  • flat closure conversion,
  • global value hoisting,
  • target-safe name mangling.