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WPE launcher and webapp container
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Cog (boat)

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Cog is a small single “window” launcher for the WebKit WPE port. It is small, provides no user interface, and is suitable to be used as a Web application container. The “window” may be fullscreen depending on the WPE backend being used.

This project provides the following components:

  • libcogcore is a library with ready-to-use components typically needed for implementing applications which use the WebKit WPE/GTK+ API.

  • cog is the launcher itself, implemented using the libcogcore library.

  • cogctl is a tool which can be used to control a cog instance using the D-Bus session bus.

It is possible to disable building the cog and cogctl programs by passing -DCOG_BUILD_PROGRAMS=OFF to CMake.


For the cog-0.3 branch:

For the cog-0.2 branch:

For the cog-0.1 branch:

  • WPE WebKit 2.20.x, or WebKitGTK+ 2.18.x when building with COG_USE_WEBKITGTK.
  • WPEBackend 0.2.0.
  • GLib 2.40 or newer.

Note that building from the master branch will often require development releases of WPE WebKit, libwpe, and WPEBackend-fdo.

Using Cog

Compiling Cog follows the usual procedure for projects which use CMake: cmake . && make should get you started, if your system has the needed dependencies installed.

Documentation for libcogcore is currently unavailable, and contributions in this regard are very welcome.

Bug tracking: If you have found a bug, take a look at out issue tracker. Please see the “reporting bugs” section in the file for guidelines on how to provide a good bug report.


For information on how to report bugs, or how to contribute to Cog, please check the file.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Check the COPYING file for details.

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