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##IgnorantGuru's SpaceFM Plugins

This page lists plugins developed by IgnorantGuru for the SpaceFM file manager.

To see ALL SpaceFM Plugins, visit the SpaceFM Plugins Wiki.

For installation instructions, see the User's Manual.

For bugs, requests, or questions with the plugins below, please use this issue tracker.

To be notified of updates to the plugins below, watch the repo or subscribe to feed. See recent changes.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! It is your responsibility to evaluate the safety and applicability to your purposes of all plugins here. To preview the contents of a plugin, extract the tar.gz file and open each file it contains in a text editor. Or, install or copy the plugin in SpaceFM and use Design Mode to see the command or script the plugin uses before running it. You can also browse the files at IgnorantGuru's SpaceFM Plugins Repo.

Please contribute! All plugins here are libre/licensed freely. You are encouraged to modify them, give them a new name, and share your version.

IG Burn Tools

The IG Burn Tools plugin allows SpaceFM to be used as a simple GUI burning app. While it can be used as-is, it also allows you to easily customize burn commands and add additional functionality. You are also free to release modified versions of this plugin under a new name. See Screenshots & README & ChangeLog. To be notified of updates, watch the repo or subscribe to feed.


  • spacefm v0.8.3 or later
  • udevil
  • cdrecord OR cdrskin OR wodim (OR customize your burn commands)
    NOTE: Use of the genuine cdrtools or cdrskin is recommended over wodim (cdrkit).
  • mkisofs OR xorrisofs OR genisoimage (OR customize your burn commands)
  • eject

Download: IG-Burn-Tools.spacefm-plugin.tar.gz + IG-Burn-Tools.spacefm-plugin.tar.gz.sig

IG Paste Into

Paste Into pastes clipboard files into a single selected folder, or else into the current folder. It is intended to replace or supplement SpaceFM's built-in Paste command.

This plugin is designed to be added to the file list's right-click menu. To add it there, right-click on a file and then right-click on any menu item such as Copy. Select New|Import|URL from the design menu and enter this link.

See README, view the script. To be notified of updates, watch the repo or subscribe to feed.


Download: IG-Paste-Into.spacefm-plugin.tar.gz + sig

IG SpaceTV

The IG SpaceTV plugin is ideal for an HTPC setup or any media PC.

SpaceTV adds resumable video playback to SpaceFM via the mpv video player. mpv is an actively developed and feature-rich fork of the mplayer/mplayer2 video players.

SpaceTV allows you to play videos in fullscreen without a video player window, resuming videos from their last position and restoring mpv volume and other settings. It can also resume the last played video or prior videos. mpv options may be set globally and on a per video basis.

To get the most out of this plugin, be sure to read the INSTALLATION section of README. It's best to read the whole file. Also see the release announcement for an introduction.

The spacetv.sh script can also be used independently of SpaceFM for resumeable playback. It requires only mpv. Run spacetv.sh --help

To be notified of updates, watch the repo or subscribe to feed.


Download: IG-SpaceTV.spacefm-plugin.tar.gz + sig

IG Example Application

Example Application doesn't do anything useful, but the script demonstrates one method of controlling SpaceFM Dialog from a script, effectively making a small application. The widgets shown in the Example Application, and their functions, are arbitrary and unimportant, and may be replaced with whatever widgets your application requires. The method of communication/control between the script's main loop and the running dialog is the primary purpose of this example.

In simpler examples, SpaceFM Dialog may be used to show a dialog, and interacting with the dialog may execute some simple commands, as shown in multiple examples in the user's manual. When the dialog is closed, the script may then perform a function based on what the user had entered in the dialog.

However, in an application, we want the dialog window to stay open and perform more extensive actions as the user interacts with it, not just when the dialog is closed. This is more like writing an application in Python or C, where a window is shown, then a main loop is run which handles events in the window and runs code blocks to respond. In Example Application, such a main loop is setup in bash, with events and dialog commands communicated via pipes. Read more...

See README, view the script. To be notified of updates, watch the repo or subscribe to feed.


  • spacefm v0.9.3 or later is recommended

Download: Example-Application.spacefm-plugin.tar.gz + sig

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