A simple tool to animate polylines and polygons in different way
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Animation Plugin for Leaflet.js

npm version

General information

A leaflet plugin which allows users to apply animation.



npm install --save leaflet.motion


yarn add leaflet.motion


Include script:

<script src="dist/leaflet.motion.min.js"></script>

Main options:

L.motion.polyline([], options, motionOptions, markerOptions).addTo(map); //  as L.polyline
L.motion.polygon([], options, motionOptions, markerOptions).addTo(map); //  as L.polygon
L.motion.group([], options).addTo(map); //  as L.featureGroup - to run all animation at same time
L.motion.seq([], options).addTo(map); //  as L.featureGroup - to setup seq for animations.


You can pass a number of options to the plugin to control various settings.

Default control options

Option Type Default Description
pane Pane 'polymotionPane' Default pane

Motion options

Option Type Default Description
auto Boolean false Indicates auto start animation on plugin added to the map
easing L.Motion.Ease L.Motion.Ease.linear Animation strategy
speed Number 0 Motion speed in KM/s, yes, kilometers per second
duration Number 0 Motion duration in ms, 0 means no animation, istant rendering on motionStart()

Marker options

All MarkerOptions that you can add to any marker + one more:

Option Type Default Description
removeOnEnd Boolean false Removes marker from map on motion end

Here's an example of passing through some options:

L.motion.polyline([[50,0], [60,10]], {
	color: "transparent"
}, {
	auto: true,
	duration: 3000,
	easing: L.Motion.Ease.easeInOutQuart
}, {
	removeOnEnd: true,
	icon: L.divIcon({html: "<i class='fa fa-car fa-2x' aria-hidden='true'></i>", iconSize: L.point(27.5, 24)})

Public methods


Public methods in all motion objects:

motionStart() // to start motion.
motionStop() // to stop motion.
motionPause() // to pause motion.
motionResume() // to resume paused motion.
motionToggle() // to pause motion, if it's running. To start motion if it's not. Also will resume motion if it was paused.

L.motion.polyline and L.motion.polygon

Additional methods in polyline and polygon

motionDuration(duration) // - expected duration for motion in milliseconds, can be used after motion is created.
motionSpeed(speed) // - expected motion speed in KM/H, can be used after motion is created.
addLatLng(latLng) // - allows to add additional point in the end for the motion animation.

Motion Events

Event Value Description
L.Motion.Event.Started { layer } Fires on motion stated on root element only
L.Motion.Event.Paused { layer } Fires on motion paused on root element only
L.Motion.Event.Resumed { layer } Fires on motion resumed on root element only
L.Motion.Event.Ended { layer } Fires on motion ended on root element only
L.Motion.Event.Section { layer } Fires on each motion section change in L.Motion.Seq starting with first one