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qiulang commented Nov 26, 2018

Because of umask, calling ensureDir/ensureDirSync without fs.chmodSync, the actual mode is not the same as the intended mode. I think it is better to mention this in especially for someone who is not familiar with umask.

Besides, I feel it is unnecessary to call this in mkdirs.js because node will take care of tha

phtwo commented Jun 3, 2019

I had same problem with #22 .

Returns to the initial position of the element, before it is mounted.

I only need to initialize the position at the beginning.
And I thought it only works at the beginning until I update my component...

May you add a reminder to the document ?
It should make it unnecessary to waste time debugging code

dpc commented Mar 1, 2019


fs_extra::dir_copy("a/b", "c/d");

goint to create c/d/b, or just c/d? Does it depend on c/d existing or not? The documentation is very unclear.

"Copies the directory contents from one place to another using recursive method. This function will also copy the permission bits of the original files to destionation files (not for directories)."

Explains non of it.

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