A lightweight parallel task engine
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pyFlow - a lightweight parallel task engine

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pyFlow is a tool to manage tasks in the context of a task dependency graph. It has some similarities to make. pyFlow is not a program – it is a python module, and workflows are defined using pyFlow by writing regular python code with the pyFlow API

For more information, please see the pyFlow website.


pyFlow source code is provided under the BSD 2-Clause License.


Recent release tarballs can be found on the github release list here:


To create a release tarball corresponding to any other version, run:

git clone git://github.com/Illumina/pyflow.git pyflow
cd pyflow
git checkout ${VERSION}
# tarball is "./pyflow-${VERSION}.tar.gz"

Note this README is at the root of the pyflow development repository and is not part of the python source release.


For the development repository (this directory), the sub-directories are:


Contains all pyflow code intended for distribution, plus demo code and documentation.


This directory contains support scripts for tests/cleanup/release tarballing.. etc.