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ImXico Merge pull request #15 from ImXico/0.3.1
- Moved `StateManager` FBO-related code to a new file, `TransitionFBO.kt`.
- Add AssetManager notes for `audio` and `image` modules.
- Minor code changes (code style, type inference...).
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Cyberpunk is a collection of independent, modular, pure-Kotlin libraries to use on top of libGDX, tailored with Java interoperability in mind. By offering various utilities and boilerplates, it aims to speed up development and ease the making of prototypes, making it a great fit for game jams!


Cyberpunk is all about small, independent modules. Because of the Gradle integration, you can import just the modules that you need. To properly serve that purpose, every single module is totally independent from all others:

Module Description
audio Music/Sound asset management and various utilities.
camera Various camera styles on the go.
core State management and transitions - get up and running quickly!
image Image asset management and various utilities.
profiler Wrappers around libGDX profiling utilities.
physics Friendly and practical Box2D constructs.
text Text positioning helpers.


JitPack is used here, so, if you want to import any module, add this to your root build.gradle file:

allprojects {
  repositories {
    // ...
    maven { url '' }

Now, in order to import single modules, add to the dependencies as follows:

compile 'com.github.imXico.cyberpunk:$module:$version'

Replace $module with the name of the desired library (see above). Likewise, $version should be replaced with the desired version. Check out the released versions here.

What About libKTX?

Hey, libKTX is an awesome project, and I recommend it for larger Kotlin projects. It provides an incredible range of features, all very high quality. That being said, If you're looking for a smoother Java interoperability or are carrying out a game jam, give Cyberpunk a try!


This project is released under the MIT License.

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