SmacBans: Block prevents players on the ban list from joining your server
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SmacBans: Block

Smacbans: Block logo
SmacBans: Block is a plugin designed to keep cheaters who have been detected by SMAC away from your server. provides a global banlist where caught cheaters are stored, this plugin will check every player against this list.
If they were found in this list they immediately will be thrown out of your server.

Because some people get confused about our name, we aren't the developers of SMAC.
We only provide a community driven global banlist and the tools to use it.


This repository is used for development purposes.
The code here is often not tested extensively enough to use if for productively run servers.
If you're not a developer or do not intend to help us by testing "unstable" versions you should visit our website for a stable release.

Downloading an development build

Every time something is committed into the masterbranch of this reposity the plugin will be build here.
The files are compiled from the sourcecode you see here, therefore the warning above also applies to these builds.
Use them at your own risk.

Supported Games

SmacBans: Block should compatible with any game Sourcemod supports.
These games include but are not limited to the following

Counter-Strike: Source
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Team Fortress 2
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Day of Defeat: Source

You can see a list of servers running this plugin here


  1. Get at least one of the needed exensions: Socket, Curl
  2. Get the optional Plugin updater, we highly recommend you to use it
  3. Put smacbans-block.smx in your ../addons/sourcemod/plugins directory
  4. Put smacbans-block.phrases.txt in your ../addons/sourcemod/translations directory
  5. Add the smacbans-block.cfg in your ../cfg/sourcemod folder or load the plugin, it will automatically create it
  6. Load the plugin or change the map
  7. Edit the config to your purposes


Since 0.1.9, we use an automatic configappender, you don't have to delete your pluginconfig anymore

  1. Overwrite the file smacbans-block.smx in ../addons/sourcemod/plugins with the newer one
  2. Overwrite the file smacbans-block.phrases.txt in ../addons/sourcemod/translations with the newer one


  • Messages will be show to Admins with the genericflag or the commandoverride smacbans_admin
  • Clients will be rechecked on a lateloadsituation (pluginreload)
  • The plugins needs the Socket, or Curl extension to work, we recommend socket
  • The plugin will automatically create a smacbans-block.cfg in ..cfg/sourcemod/
  • The plugin has support for the automatic Updater, we highly recommend you to use it


There is only one thing you should note when compiling.
The includefile is included locally, hence it can lie in the same folder as the sourcecode, just like in this repo.


In order to compile SmacBans:Block you need the following dependencies in your include directory.


In version 0.1.9 some IPC-features were added which you can use in your own plugins.
If you write a plugin which integrates with SmacBans: Block we'd be happy to hear about it.
More features can be added on request if needed.


forward SmacBans_OnSteamIDStatusRetrieved(const String:auth[], banstatus, const String:banreason[]);

Called after the status of an steamid was retrieved.
It is not gauranteed that the owner of the auth is available at this time.
This can be used for example to implement an SQL-based logging mechanism.

forward Smacbans_OnSteamIDBlock(client, const String:auth[], const String:banreason[]);

Called after the status of a banned steamid was retrieved and the owner is about to be kicked.
The client is gauranteed to be authorized at this time.

forward Action:Smacbans_OnSteamIDCheck(client, const String:auth[]);

Called shortly before the steamid of a client is being checked ond processed further (stored in cache, kicked etc).
The client is gauranteed to be authorized at this time.

Please take a look at the includefile for more informations.