Data store Specific Configuration

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Kundera allows you to specify data-store specific hooks into a configuration file. You need to add below entry into persistence.xml for your persistence unit.

<property name="" value="property-file" />

Here property-file is the name of XML configuration file that must be in classpath of your application:

XML Property File

Kundera allows to specify datastore specific configuration in an XML file in below format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		        <property name="connection.property1" value="connection.property1.value"></property>
			<property name="connection.property2" value="connection.property2.value"></property>
			<!--  More connection properties -->
			<!--  More servers -->
			    <property name="schema.property1" value="schema.property1.value" />
			    <property name="schema.property2" value="schema.property2.value" />	
			    <!--  More schema properties -->					
			    <!--  More data centres -->
				    <property name="table.property1" value="table.property1.value"></property>
                                    <property name="table.property2" value="table.property2.value"></property>
				    <!--  More table properties -->
			    <!--  More tables -->
		    <!--  More schemas -->

Click on respective links below for datastore specific configuration details: