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An Indivisible Website In a Box

Indivisible Template is an easy to use website template specifically designed for Indivisible chapters that are inspired to political action by the Indivisible Guide. The Indivisible Template was created and designed by Sahadeva Hammari and is in no way affiliated with Indivisible Guide or any Indivisible chapter.

Get your Indivisible Template website

See an example and the guide for setting up your website at

Project Goals

  • Make it easy for a group of citizens to launch an easy to use political action website in a few minutes
  • By default the website and all required software is free (advanced features of some tools included may have fees)
  • The design of the website should be effective. Effectiveness includes the ability of groups using the website to gain new members, encourage and enable positive political action, and to do all of the above in a respectful way.
  • Build the website using open source tools that any developer can improve and change.

The goals to not to build a software tool that allows anyone to build a fully customizable website. The goal, instead, is to give small political groups a great, effective, and manageable website quickly with just enough customization options to make it their own.


Code, copy, and design contributions are welcome. Please create a pull request for this repo.

Email Sahadeva. Slack channel coming soon.

Please also read the Jekyll Code of Conduct, which this repo follows.


The basic Indivisible Template Beta. By Sahadeva Hammari.




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