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Find the native resolution(s) of upscaled material (mostly anime)


Start by executing:

$ getnative [--args] inputFile

If getnative could not be found, try executing this:

# Linux
$ python -m getnative [--args] inputFile

# Windows
$ py -3 -m getnative [--args] inputFile


Start by executing:

$ python -m getnative [--args] inputFile

That's it.


To run this script you will need:


After installing the above prerequisites, install the project via:

$ pip install getnative


  • Download all files from github
  • Install all Python dependencies through pip install -r requirements.txt

Recommended Windows Installation

Install these programs from their websites:

Once Vapoursynth is installed: install descale install ffms2 install lsmas

Install getnative (and Python dependencies):

pip install getnative

Example Output

Input Command:

$ getnative -k bicubic -b 0.33 -c 0.33 -dir "../../Downloads" "../../Downloads/unknown.png"

Terminal Output:

Using imwri as source filter


Output Path: /Users/infi/Downloads/results

Bicubic b 0.33 c 0.33 AR: 1.78 Steps: 1
Native resolution(s) (best guess): 873p

done in 13.56s

Output Graph:

alt text

Output TXT (summary):

 868		 | 0.0000863251		 | 0.93
 869		 | 0.0000828592		 | 1.04
 870		 | 0.0000734709		 | 1.13
 871		 | 0.0000555885		 | 1.32
 872		 | 0.0000596791		 | 0.93
 873		 | 0.0000011579		 | 51.54
 874		 | 0.0000385670		 | 0.03
 875		 | 0.0000433674		 | 0.89
 876		 | 0.0000548476		 | 0.79
 877		 | 0.0000614557		 | 0.89
 878		 | 0.0000740702		 | 0.83


Property Description Default value Type
frame Specify a frame for the analysis. num_frames//3 Int
kernel Resize kernel to be used bicubic String
bicubic-b B parameter of bicubic resize 1/3 Float
bicubic-c C parameter of bicubic resize 1/3 Float
lanczos-taps Taps parameter of lanczos resize 3 Int
aspect-ratio Force aspect ratio. Only useful for anamorphic input w/h Float
min-height Minimum height to consider 500 Int
max-height Maximum height to consider 1000 Int
is-image Force image input False Action
generate-images Save detail mask as png False Action
plot-scaling Scaling of the y axis. Can be "linear" or "log" log String
plot-format Format of the output image. Specify multiple formats separated by commas. Can be svg, png, tif(f), and more svg String
show-plot-gui Show an interactive plot gui window. False Action
no-save Do not save files to disk. False Action
stepping This changes the way getnative will handle resolutions. Example steps=3 [500p, 503p, 506p ...] 1 Int
output-dir Sets the path of the output dir where you want all results to be saved. (/results will always be added as last folder) (CWD)/results String

CLI Args

Property Description Default value Type
help Automatically render the usage information when running -h or --help False Action
Absolute or relative path to the input file Required String
mode Choose a predefined mode ["bilinear", "bicubic", "bl-bc", "all"] None String
use Use specified source filter (e.g. "lsmas.LWLibavSource") None String


This script's success rate is far from perfect. If possible, do multiple tests on different frames from the same source. Bright scenes generally yield the most accurate results. Graphs tend to have multiple notches, so the script's assumed resolution may be incorrect. Also, due to the current implementation of the autoguess, it is not possible for the script to automatically recognize 1080p productions. Use your eyes or anibin if necessary.


BluBb_mADe, kageru, FichteFoll, stux!, LittlePox


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Find the native resolution(s) of upscaled material (mostly anime)







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