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Lodex · Build Status bitHound Overall Score Licence

Lodex is a tool to enable publishing a set of data csv, tsv, xml, json, ... in semantic web formats JSON-LD, N-Quads, ... and propose to manipulate them in a backoffice.

To see what Lodex can do, check out or the user documentation at



You need to set the EZMASTER_PUBLIC_URL environment variable based on your machine, default to http://localhost:3000

with docker

prerequisites : docker-compose

make start

with npm

prerequisites : mongo, node 8

npm install
npm run build
EZMASTER_MONGODB_HOST_PORT=localhost:27017 NODE_ENV=production npm start

NB : MongoDB should be started and listening on port 27017 (use e.g. make mongo to launch mongo).


To see what Lodex can do, check out


prerequisites : docker, docker-compose

To enable hot-reload server for frontend, and nodemon for backend :

make install
make run-dev

Once the project is started, you can acces it using admin / secret credentials on http://localhost:3000/.


Lodex is well tested through numerous unit tests and some E2E tests to ensure the most common scenarios.

prerequisites: Have installed the dependencies, see the Install part of this README.

make test-frontend-unit
make test-api-unit
make test-e2e

make test # Run all of the above tests

Be aware that the E2E tests (make test-e2e) can take several minutes to run. It requires to have a fresh production build.

For some reasons, if you want to temporaly disable E2E tests, you can launch them with the following environment variable:

DISABLE_E2E_TESTS=true make test

You can also define this environment variable on Travis, for a specific build or the whole project.


This software is CeCILL license. You can use, modify and/ or redistribute the software under the terms of the CeCILL license.

We also use the following icons :

Big data by Eliricon from the Noun Project bubble chart by Kirby Wu from the Noun Project diagram by TheFit Project from the Noun Project Heat Map by Sophia Bai from the Noun Project Pie Chart by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project Radar Chart by Agus Purwanto from the Noun Project statistics by Creative Stall from the Noun Project Add table by Danil Polshin from the Noun Project Add filter icon by Jivan from the Noun Project

Thanks to the noun project and their respective creators