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Build Configuration

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Intel RealSense SDK is using CMake eco-system to offer useful customization to customers who wish to build the SDK from source.

For example, to generate makefile with BUILD_EXAMPLES flag turned-on, use the following command line: cmake .. -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=true Alternatively, use cmake-gui utility to configure and generate your build files.

Build Customization Flags

Flag Description Default
BUILD_EXAMPLES Build SDK examples and tools false
BUILD_GRAPHICAL_EXAMPLES Controls the-subset of examples and tools dependent on OpenGL. Disabling this option will reduce the set of tools and examples to rs-save-to-file, rs-terminal, rs-enumerate-devices and rs-fw-logger. Recommended for headless systems without the graphic subsystem true
BUILD_UNIT_TESTS Build the full suite of unit-tests for the SDK true
BUILD_WITH_OPENMP When enabled, YUY to RGB conversion and Depth-Color spatial alignment will take advantage of multiple-cores using OpenMP. This can reduce latency at expense of greater CPU utilization true
ENFORCE_METADATA Having UVC per-frame metadata requires building with Windows SDK installed. When this flag is disabled, the resulting binary might not be capable of properly parsing UVC metadata if Windows SDK was not installed during the build. If this flag is true, not having Windows SDK install will break the build false
BUILD_PYTHON_BINDINGS Build Python bindings for the SDK. Requires Python to be installed. See wrapper page for more information false
BUILD_PYTHON_MATLAB Build Matlab wrapper for the SDK. See wrapper page for more information false
BUILD_OPENNI2_BINDINGS Build OpenNi2 wrapper for the SDK. See wrapper page for more information false
BUILD_NODEJS_BINDINGS Build Node.js bindings for the SDK. Requires Node.js to be installed. See wrapper page for more information false
BUILD_CSHARP_BINDINGS Build .NET bindings for the SDK. See wrapper page for more information false
DOTNET_VERSION_EXAMPLES Select .NET framework version to be used for .NET examples 4.0
DOTNET_VERSION_LIBRARY Select .NET framework version to be used for .NET wrapper 3.5
ENABLE_CCACHE Enable building the SDK with CCache false
BUILD_UNITY_BINDINGS Build Unity sample scene using the SDK. See wrapper page for more information false
FORCE_LIBUVC Setting this flag to true will configure the underlying backend to use libuvc. This backend is default for Mac OS, but can be configured on other OS-s as well. libuvc can serve as a more robust alternative to the native backend, however, it has well known limitations and is not recommended to be used in end-products false
USE_SYSTEM_LIBUSB When enabled, the SDK will assume libusb is installed on the system and use it. When disabled the SDK build process will fetch, build and install libusb from before building librealsense true
FORCE_WINUSB_UVC Setting this will configure librealsense to use Windows backend based on WinUSB rewrite of the UVC protocol, instead of Media Foundation. Requires installation of a special driver provided inside the Win7 SDK installer false
TRACE_API When this flag is enabled, all API-calls will be written to the log at INFO severity. This will include any errors, duration, input and output parameters as well as the return value. Entry and exit from API calls will be documented as well at DEBUG severity. Enabling this feature will result in severe performance penalty false
HWM_OVER_XU When this option is enabled, hardware commands will be dispatched through extension-unit (XU) transfer protocol. When disabled (and assuming the hardware supports it) the SDK will talk to the hardware directly using libusb / WinUSB true
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS When enabled the output of the library will be a dynamic link library (DLL) or a shared object (SO). When disabled the output will be a static library (LIB/A) true
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Desired build time. To take advantage of compiler optimizations set to "Release" or "RelWithDebInfo" Debug
ENABLE_ZERO_COPY When enabled frames that do not require processing will not be mem-copied on arrival, rather the rs2::frame object will track native handle to the underlying OS resource (be it V4L2 video-buff or an ISample). This will reduce CPU utilization and save battery life, but can introduce unexpected latency or frame-drops, since the responsibility for buffer lifetime management falls on the application developer (deprecated) false
BUILD_EASYLOGGINGPP Perform cross-platform logging using EasyLogging++ 3rd-party library true
BUILD_CV_EXAMPLES Build computer vision examples requiring OpenCV. See wrappers/opencv false
BUILD_CV_KINFU_EXAMPLES Build simple 3d-reconstruction example using Kinnect-Fussion implementation. Relies on OPENCV_ENABLE_NONFREE. See wrappers/opencv/kinfu false
BUILD_PCL_EXAMPLES Search for PCL 3rd-party library and include example under wrappers/pcl in the project false
BUILD_WITH_TM2 Assuming you received from Intel an engineering sample of T265(TM2) device, enable support for it in the SDK false
INTERNAL_FW_SOURCE Lets the user manually download T265 firmware image and use it in SDK build instead of downloading it automatically during CMake remote
BUILD_WITH_CUDA Build the SDK using CUDA for color conversions and image alignment false
BUILD_WITH_STATIC_CRT When enabled increases binary footprint but prevents the dependency on Visual C++ Redistributables true
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