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Yocto layer for librealsense
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Yocto Layer for librealsense

Note This repo is no longer supported; please use going forward. All changes from this repo are now fully incorporated into the new location.

This layer adds the packages necessary for adding support for Intel® RealSense™ cameras via librealsense to your Yocto distribution.

Supported Branches

  • Yocto Poky 1.8 (fido)
  • Yocto Poky 2.0 (Jethro)
  • Yocto Poky 2.1 (Krogoth)
  • Yocto Poky 2.2 (Morty)
  • Wind River IDP 3.X


This layer depends on packages provided by the following layers:


Yocto Poky

  1. Checkout the branch which corresponds with your version of Yocto (e.g. morty)
  2. Add the meta-intel-realsense layer to conf/bblayers.conf in your build directory
	BBLAYERS += "path/to/meta-intel-realsense"
  1. Add dependency layers to conf/bblayers.conf in your build directory
	BBLAYERS += "path/to/meta-openembedded/meta-oe"
  1. Create a new conf/auto.conf file in your build directory with the following contents
    require include/
  1. If you are building an image with a graphical desktop you can add the following to conf/auto.conf
    CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "librealsense-graphical-examples"

Wind River IDP

  1. Checkout the branch which corresponds to your version of Wind River IDP (e.g. idp_3.x)
  2. Include the following in your project configure command


This project is Copyright (C) 2015 Intel Corporation. Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

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