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IntelliTect is a high-end software architecture and development consulting firm based in Spokane, Washington.

Hi There 👋


When a job is fulfilling, it doesn’t feel like work. Our work is a natural pouring out of who we are. We are puzzlers who love solving problems and find great satisfaction in designing, building, and implementing great architectural and engineering solutions for our clients. Our expectations are high, and we have fun achieving them.

🌎 Contributing to Open Source

We love 💗 to contribute to open source projects while maintaining 🧹 some of our own:

🤝 Making a Difference

We are passionate about giving back to our community and helping eliminate injustice worldwide with our philanthropic efforts.

Intellitect donates a significant portion of our profits to those in need through philanthropic endeavors both locally and worldwide. Many of those stories can be viewed here: Philanthropy Stories.

👓 Appendix

Learn more about us and what we do at our website ✨.

Oh, and by the way, we are always hiring talented, passionate people to join our team 🙌.

"Tell me more, I can't get enough!"
  • 🚂Developers at IntelliTect love making the most of their time and have many hobbies including:
    • 🚴 Mountain Biking
    • ⛷️ Skiing
    • 👨‍🏫 Teaching
    • ✈️ Traveling
    • 🎮 Video Games
    • And others!

  • IntelliTect is using the latest technologies including:
    • Cloud Computing (both AWS and Azure)
    • Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • .NET Development
    • Azure DevOps
    • Office365/SharePoint
    • Enterprise Application Integration

  • IntelliTect works with clients in many industries including:
    • Utilities
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • And more!

  • Our team includes the best and brightest software engineers who have many achievements including:
    • A Microsoft Regional Director
    • Microsoft MVPs
    • Scrum Masters
    • AWS Certified Developers
    • Certified HubSpot Developers
    • And the list goes on!


  1. Coalesce Coalesce Public

    Helping you quickly build amazing sites

    C# 58 22

  2. EssentialCSharp EssentialCSharp Public

    This project contains the source code for the book Essential C# by Mark Michaelis (Addison-Wesley).

    C# 370 146

  3. Multitool Multitool Public

    Library of useful additions to your C# application

    C# 2

  4. EssentialCSharp.Web EssentialCSharp.Web Public

    The web side of

    C# 3 2

  5. TestTools TestTools Public

    A collection of tools for aiding in test automation

    C# 8 7

  6. PSToolbox PSToolbox Public

    PowerShell scripts and modules on PowerShell gallery

    PowerShell 6 4


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