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HR-OS5 Framework, based on the Darwin-OP project. Intended for use on HR-OS5 Research Humanoid Robot platforms.
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HROS5-Framework, based on Darwin-OP framework, is a collaborative software project based on the open source Darwin-OP Framework, with the intent to continue development, implement an API to expose higher level functions of the framework, and develop additional features.

This Framework was intended to be deployed on the HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Robot.

Please visit the HROS5-Framework Github Wiki for more information on using this software and robotics platform.

Contributions & authoring to codebase provided by Farrell Robotics, Interbotix, DresnerRobotics, Zerom, ROBOTIS, KevinO, KurtE. A special thanks to Farrell Robotics, a massive contributor and resource for humanoid robots & additions to the Darwin-OP framework.

All code within project is GPL GNU v3.

Original source code can be found here:



  • Operating systems supported & verified: Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.04 LTS, Yocto Poky 1.6 OpenEmbedded Linux
  • This modified framework now only supports the Arbotix-Pro subcontroller, support of the Arbotix Pro has been discontinued.
  • ps3_demo - Triangle button initializes into Walk-Ready, which can then be used as a starting point for action motions. PS3 button layout in wiki.
  • ps3_demo does not currently work for BlueZ5. For BlueZ4, sixad -s must be launched at startup (ie: rc.local). Requires pairing via sixpair. See Wiki for more information. PS3controller library authored by Farrell Robotics.
  • rme (robot motion editor) is an improved version of action_editor, authored by Farrell Robotics. Additional features such as individual limb on/off torque control implemented (see wiki). Robot MUST be in sitting position and/or spotted when launching rme, as servos go into low-torque mode upon launching rme followed by the robot sitting down. Currently rme is the only way to create motion pages/files.


  • Test/Finalize api_wrapper & node.js server
  • ROS integration
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