Infrared Shield for Arduino
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What is it?

Irdroino is a high quality infrared remote control shield for Arduino. Irdroino is powered by Irdroid’s experience in developing infrared products and it is a open source hardware project. Use Irdroino to replicate signals from your existing remote controls, assign actions for the tx and rx keys of the shield. Control Air Conditioners, TVs , STBs, Music, and more. The Irdroino will help you also if you develop custom remote controls.


The module is designed with low power consumption considerations in mind and it is suitable for low energy infrared remote controls design and development where you have to provide prolonged periods of unit inactivity (sleep modes) with just several micro amps of power consumption.

The Irdroino comes in a compact form factor, it extends the pin headers of your Arduino and at the same time provides infrared transmitter and receiver capabilities. The Irdroino uses optical signal amplification technique which gives additional boost and extended infrared transmit range. The open source hardware design gives you the freedom to modify Irdroino design and make your own custom IR shield. All the above features make Irdroino better in comparison with the rest of the infrared remote control shields for Arduino available on the market.


Watch the video

The Irdroino is compatible with :

  • Arduino Boards
  • Olimexino Boards


  • 2 High power IR Leds / uses optical signal amplification /
  • 2 buttons for assigning custom IR commands
  • High Quality IR receiver IC
  • Status LEDs (for transmit and receive)
  • Long pin headers that will allow you to use the free pins of your Arduino even if irdroino is on top of your Arduino
  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Open Source Hardware’s

Why we made it?

I made this project because I believe in open source software and open source hardware, and I am passionate in developing free and open source infrared modules and things

What makes it special?

The Irdroino is special, because it uses a unique optical signal amplification which give significantly improoved IR range. This gives a big advantage in comparison with similar products. It is open source hardware which gives the user a freedom and it has a high quality IR receiver IC. There are two sample Arduino Sketches in this repository. The first one is for recording and reproducing IR signals, using the two buttons for transmit and receive (record) remote control buttons. The second exaple sketch turns your Arduino into a PRONTO Hex USB IR Blaster (send / Transmit IR codes via Serial/USB).

Get a module: