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The IRIS Call Control Manager and discovery service - CCM

This is the code for the IRIS Call Control Manager and Discovery service developed by Sveriges Radio AB in Sweden. This code has been in production for many years and we're proud to share it with a larger community!

Release plan after 1.0

This first release is a first, but important, step for us as maintainers of this Open Source project. The code is licensed using the BSD 3-clause license and we have gone through the process internally of releasing in-house software as Open Source.

We will now work to move our in-house development to github and move our production servers to the Open Source code. This means that we will release a new set of code at some point during the first half of 2018 and from that point continue development in the open on github.

The changes between the 1.0 release and the coming version will not be committed to the github repository until we have a new process for our in-house development.


This is an area where we need help. As an in-house project managed by a small and dedicated team, documentation, especially in english, has not been produced - like how-to's, installation guides and FAQs. Join the discussion on the github issue tracker and the coming mailing lists to help us.


IRIS CCM and Discovery Service is (C) Sveriges Radio AB, Stockholm, Sweden 2017 The code is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license.

The license for CCM is in the LICENSE.txt file

3rd party libraries

The repository contains 3rd party javascript libraries that are included for convience. In a future release, these will not be included but downloaded by scripts. These libraries have their own copyright and licenses.