@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Jan 16, 2019

Assets 8
  • Adding handling of online/offline to improve the initial load of the page. This is partly to address #39 and the other white screen cases.
  • Updated the package versions to the latest version. Specially electron that goes up to version 4.

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Dec 17, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

Assets 8

General description

Main part of this release its been a big refactoring of the code, an increase of documentation in order to ease the development, adding snap and AppImage packages and implementing a right click menu with a basic spellchecker.

Detailed changes

There have been a few additions all listed next:

  • Adding the snap and AppImage to the images been released (Thanks to @julian-alarcon)
  • Adding eslint to enforce some linting to the code.
  • Defaulting to open the link urls into external browsers as use to be before version 0.1.10. Adding the ability to open link urls in an internal browser to fix #23.
  • Defaulting on not enabling the desktop notifications hack as is now working on all the version of Linux that I have tried.
  • Adding a basic spellchecker implementation and a right click functionality by using electron-spell-check-provider and electron-editor-context-menu. This covers #28. Only US dictionary support at this moment for packaged version, Check the issue for more info
  • Added the option to close the app when clicking the cross. Start teams with teams --closeAppOnCross . This is to cover #32.
  • Improving documentation and refactoring the code to ease the development.
  • Removing dependency on "open" package as we can use the electron "shell" to open external links instead. This should fix #31

A fairly long list so be aware or treating this release with care for a bit.

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Dec 7, 2018 · 47 commits to master since this release

Assets 5

Changing the way links open to open in a popup (electron browser) by default.

This version is been superseded by version 0.1.11.

Adding the ability to open the links in an external window by pressing the ctrl key.

The reason for this change is that is more natural, or common practice, to use the ctrl+click to open links in another tab/window.

This release is to try to fix issue #23 but might also address #4

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Nov 1, 2018 · 54 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Fixing issue #12 where you couldn't drag and drop images anymore.
  • Persisting by default to the partition "persist:teams-4-linux".
  • Fixing issue #13 by allowing to disable desktop notifications.
  • Focus the app after clicking in the notification.

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Nov 1, 2018 · 61 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Adding ntlmV2enabled and authServerWhitelist options to the configuration and parameters. More information in the README.md file.
  • Implementing issue #10 . Because of it, it is not needed nor recommended to be able to setup the userAgent as an argument. It should be now possible to use video and mentions with the app. Thanks to @Laxen for the tip.

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Oct 29, 2018 · 67 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Reformatted notifications so messages are easier to read (Thanks to @nate-anderson)
  • Fixing #6, --partition parameter not working

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Oct 19, 2018 · 85 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Adding back the command arguments and extending them.
  • Disabling the session persistence by default
  • Documenting the different commands and, in general, improving the documentation.
  • Auto focusing in the email login form element when the login dialog appears.
  • Enabling asar
  • Increasing version number to 0.1.5

@IsmaelMartinez IsmaelMartinez released this Oct 18, 2018 · 91 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Fixing the @mentions issue where the mention was disappearing after pressing space.
  • Hiding the menu bar as it still accessible by pressing Atl key.
  • Removing yargs as the functionality is not documented and not needed at the moment as we are using the solution from version 0.1.3 and previous to authenticate in a corporate network