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* Open URL within main instance if another instance was fired-up with it

The (most likely) wrong scope of variable `allowFurtherRequests` fixed
as well. Without that `loadURL()` will eventually trigger
`onAppSecondInstance()` and causes therefore an infinite loop.

* Reduce ignore threshold for `loadURL()`

Since accidental or automatic reloads can take some time and will
eventually fail if threshold is too small, we should keep at least
5000 ms.

* Focus main window if second instance was fired-up with an URL

That means it behaves exactly the same as without an URL.

* Do a patch release

Co-authored-by: Korbinian Demmel <>

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This project is in maintenance mode only. Microsoft is now providing a client that, more or less works.

Please do report bugs and questions in the issues section. I will do my best to help getting those sorted.

Also, PRs are welcomed, but I am not evolving this client.

Its been a pleasure helping people without a Linux and/or Mac computer specially on this times.

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Unofficial Microsoft Teams client for Linux using Electron. It uses the Web App and wraps it as a standalone application using Electron.


Binaries available under releases for AppImage, rpm, deb, snap, and tar.gz.

In case of AppImage, we recommend to use AppImageLauncher for the best desktop experience.

Also available in:

AUR: teams-for-linux

Get it from the Snap Store

Download on Flathub

Starting arguments

Check in the config in the config folder.


Please refer to the file for more information about how to run this application from source, and/or how to contribute.

Known issues

Known issues and workarounds can be found in the file.


Read about the history about this project in the file.


License: GPLv3