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Tools for handling Allwinner images
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Latest commit 3f1cbb2 May 16, 2013 @Ithamar awflash: more work on Livesuit emulation
Signed-off-by: Ithamar R. Adema <>



This tool enables you too flash an Allwinner A10 devices over USB using the same
USB protocol as used in Allwinnners Livesuit software. This finally makes it
possible to flash A10 devices from Linux!

(Please note that this is a work in progress, and not usable yet!)


This tool is able to pack/unpack Allwinner A10 images in the format as used by the
Allwinner Livesuit software. It has compatibility modes for imgRepacker/unimg.exe
tools, so it should be easily integrated with existing scripts.

Unpacking is verified to work for A10/A31 images, packing is experimental but has
had success with A10 images.


Since I used UsbSnoop on Windows XP to capture a log of flashing an Allwinner
device for analysis, I wanted to minimize the log file size, and after a while
came up with the following grep line to convert the captured log file:

egrep '( URB |    0)' usb.log | less

This just lists the "URB going out/coming down" lines and the actual data
sent/received. For the protocol used by Allwinner, this is fine.

Now, the log2bin tool can be used as a filter to convert a piece of such a
log to a binary file, so you can use your favorite tools (hd for ex. :P) to
analyze the data. Simple, but very effective.

log2bin < snippet.log > snippet.bin
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