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RFLink Gateway to MQTT


Bridge between RFLink Gateway and MQTT broker.

Current features

Forwarding messages received on TTY port from RFLink Gateway Arduino board to MQTT broker in both directions.

Every message received from RFLinkGateway is split into single parameters and published to different MQTT topics. Example: Message: 20;83;Oregon Rain2;ID=2a19;RAIN=002a;RAINTOT=0054;BAT=OK;

is translated to following topics:

/data/RFLINK/Oregon Rain2/2a19/R/RAIN 002a

/data/RFLINK/Oregon Rain2/2a19/R/RAINTOT 0054

/data/RFLINK/Oregon Rain2/2a19/R/BAT OK



/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/TEMP 10.2
/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/HUM 73
/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/WINSP 2.6
/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/BAT OK


/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/TEMP {"value": 10.2}
/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/HUM {"value": 73}
/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/WINSP {"value": 2.6}
/data/RFLINK/Acurite/cbd5/R/BAT {"value": "OK"}

Every message received on particular MQTT topic is translated to RFLink Gateway and sent to 433 MHz.


Whole configuration is located in config.json file.

  "mqtt_host": "",
  "mqtt_port": 1883,
  "mqtt_prefix": "/data/RFLINK",
  "mqtt_format": "json",
  "rflink_tty_device": "/dev/ttyUSB0",
  "rflink_direct_output_params": ["BAT", "CMD", "SET_LEVEL", "SWITCH", "HUM", "CHIME", "PIR", "SMOKEALERT"],
  "rflink_signed_output_params": ["TEMP", "WINCHL", "WINTMP"],
  "rflink_wdir_output_params": ["WINDIR"]
config param meaning
mqtt_host MQTT broker host
mqtt_port MQTT broker port
mqtt_prefix prefix for publish and subscribe topic
mqtt_format publish and subscribe topic as json
rflink_tty_device Arduino tty device
rflink_direct_output_params Parameters transferred to MQTT without any processing
rflink_signed_output_params Parameters with signed values
rflink_wdir_output_params Parameters with wind direction values

Output data

Application pushes informations to MQTT broker in following format: [mqtt_prefix]/[device_type]/[device_id]/R/[parameter]

/data/RFLINK/TriState/8556a8/R/1 OFF

Every change should be published to topic: [mqtt_prefix]/[device_type]/[device_id]/W/[switch_ID]

/data/RFLINK/TriState/8556a8/W/1 ON