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Remote Monitoring and historical tracking for infants using Masimo pulse oximeters
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Baby Monitor and Historical Data from a Masimo pulse oximeter

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This project is used to record the Blood Oxygen levels of an infant who is monitored with the Masimo pulse oximeter. This data is uploaded to a MongoDB and used to populate a real time and historical graphs. Which can be used by parents at home to monitor an infant who is in another room or by a doctor to review large sections of time to see how and infant is doing.

Historical Graph Live Graph Live Graph 2

Needed Hardware

  • Masimo pulse oximeter (Currently RAD8 or RAD7)
  • Serial to USB Cable
  • Raspberry PI Raspberry PI 2
  • Wifi Adapter Edimax EW-7811Un
  • Power Cable, I used an old cell phone charger that I had around but you can get one on amazon. CanaKit 5V
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