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  1. Parametric-VFX Parametric-VFX Public

    Custom Unity Visual Effects Graph block which accepts shader snippets defining position

    C# 44 8

  2. VoxelVFX VoxelVFX Public

    Render MagicaVoxel vox files using the Unity VFX Graph

    C# 38 7

  3. Text-VFX Text-VFX Public

    Vector line text rendering using the Unity Visual Effect Graph

    C# 19 4

  4. open-brush open-brush Public

    Forked from icosa-foundation/open-brush

    Open Source Fork of Tilt Brush

    C# 13 2

  5. ParametricPaths-VFX ParametricPaths-VFX Public

    Create complex paths from modular components and use them to generate particle system patterns

    C# 8 3

  6. polyhydra-core polyhydra-core Public

    A polyhedral mesh generation library for Unity based on the halfedge data structure

    C# 31 1


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