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apache module that allows you to change the Signature / ServerTokens of your httpd apache webserver
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What mod_bikeshed does is allow the server's Administrator to change the server signature/tokens to anything they want and will show up in the Server: header as well. You can also turn tokens off completely by setting BikeShedTokensString to "None".

Why the name mod_bikeshed? It came from this mailing list thread discussing allowing the manipulations or removal of ServerTokens;


	apxs -cia mod_bikeshed.c


BikeShedTokensReplace Set On/Off to switch bikeshed string display

BikeShedTokensString The string to replace the server tokens/signature with" or 'None' to disable ServerTokens

BikeShedAddBanner Set On/Off to switch add module banner to replaced server signature

BikeShedTokensString wds-server
BikeShedTokensReplace On
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