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Central Authentication System for Shared-suite of Products
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Central Authentication System for Shared-suite of Products

For use by the Jyan suite of products:

Problem Statement

The goal for authentication systems is simple. You want to validate a unique identity to associate with your program's data. It's a pain to integrate various OAuth systems.

Vue.js components

进来 comes with a set of Vue.js components. You simply insert as a component on your login/register page. There is an @done event which calls the corresponding method with a session key. That's all you have to do for the UI. No more creating a UI for every single application.


进来 also comes with a websocket api. This is used:

  • by the client (the client will communicate with 进来 and transfer necessary information to login/register until it receives a sessionKey).
  • to communicate with your backend service (your backend service will validate the sessionKey, and retrieve 进来-wide information about the user (think email, name, phone number, address?).

About Scopes

Traditional "OAuth like" systems would have scopes to insure that users can log onto a product without worrying about oversharing. Since 进来 is solely designed to be used by me (jyan), then scopes are an unnecessary security measure, because if you don't trust the product, then why would you trust 进来?

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