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Currently the wiki is outdated, as much of the library has changed in between 1.9 and 2.1 Most of what you will find is outdated.


JDA-Utilities is a utilities extension library for the popular Java Discord API library JDA.

The primary goal of this extension library is to provide general utilities, entities, and conveniences that could not normally be included in the standard JDA library.


Currently our library focuses primarily on two projects:

  1. Commands - A simple to use commands suite that allows easy implementation and addition of commands for bots.

  2. The Event Waiter - A versatile EventListener with very large amounts of potential, which we use in our menus system to create intractable reaction menus.

As such are concerns primarily lie with the aforementioned and additions are usually geared towards one of the two.

For specifics, examples, and contents of either, visit the corresponding wiki pages.

Another service we offer is FinderUtil, a versatile and powerful set of static methods that make finding discord entities in JDA such as Users, Guilds, and other things from the developer end very simple and intuitive for normal users. You can find more information about this in the source code documentation here.

Download and Setup

More information on setup is available at the setup page of this wiki.

If you use a dependency manager, visit one of the following for more info on adding JDA-Utilities as a dependency.

Adding Using Gradle

Adding Using Maven

Want a specific part of JDA-Utilities but not the entire thing? The setup page offers instructions on how to exclude unnecessary parts of JDA-Utilities from compilation here.

If you do not use a dependency manager, you can also download the latest version from the releases page.


Documentation of all code can be found in the source on this repo, as well as the javadoc jar for each version on the releases page.

We strongly recommend that you read over any documentation pertaining to a part of the library before seeking assistance or submitting an issue.


JDA-Utilities is a part of the JDA-Applications organization, whose main goal is to create projects and frameworks for the JDA library.

As such, JDA-Utilities has derived our code and documentation style from JDA in order to maintain a consistency between the two. Furthermore, contributions must also follow the same rules and guidelines of the library, which can be found here.

Help and Assistance

If you require assistance, join the JDA Development Discord where we provide assistance with JDA-Utilities as well.

People who can help you there are listed below:

  • jagrosh#4824
  • Shengaero#9090
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