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Aggregate Psych Variables from Raw
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Psychological Traits Aggregation Package

This package allows users to apply the proper aggregation method to raw totals of speech data. Find the raw totals HERE

###Important notes:

  • Users should ensure that the data has the proper type (int).

  • This package assumes users are using the standard variable names from Profiler Plus (see list at bottom)

  • Users should ensure no missing data is passed to the function.

Installation and import:

  • Clone into a directory

  • Navigate to Psych_Agg/

  • python install

  • from Psych_Agg import Agg_Raw as ar

Primary function:

calc_raws(df) This will return a dataframe of the aggregated totals with correct values for LTA and OPcode variables.

Example usage:

user_dataframe = raw_totals.groupby(["date_unit", "group_unit"])[list_of_raw_variables].sum().reset_index()

aggregated_data = ar.calc_raws(user_dataframe)

List of standard variable names:

list_of_raw_variables = ['vcount', 'HDIS', 'LDIS', 'HTASK', 'LTASK', 'IC', 'EC', 'HBIAS', 'LBIAS', 'HSC', 'LSC', 'HCC', 'LCC', 'HPWR', 'LPWR', 'self-pun', 'self-threat', 'self oppose', 'self appeal', 'self promise', 'self reward', 'other punish', 'other threaten', 'other oppose', 'other appeal', 'other promise', 'other reward']

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