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LED Cube 8x8x8

The Cube in action

Author : Jose Javier Gonzalez Ortiz Copyright ©2013-2014, Jose Javier Gonzalez Ortiz. All rights reserved.

Code for controlling a 8x8x8 LED Cube via SPI.

The code is designed for a Microchip dSPIC33FJ32MC202 microcontroller.

The libraries work together to enable the LED cube to play effects and games interacting with the user via serial communication.

- cubo -        General library has the main initialization and the SPI configuration.
                It also is the responsible for loading the cube configuration periodically in the SPI module

- function -    Library designed as a general purpose interface to configure the different parts of the cube.
                Supports the treatment with integer and voxel structures.

- effect -      A completely functional effect launcher with the capability of secondary effect and variable period.
                A set of effect launcher related functions are defined.
                A huge amount of effects are also included divided in different types and categories.

- font -        Library used to define a 8x8 bitmap font to be used by the cube. 
                Ascii, greek, hiragana and other fonts are included. 
                Font effects are also defined as well as a few helper functions to interact with the constants.

- snake -       Library used to define a Snake-like game in three dimensions which is executed by the cube.

- life -        Library to display a variable-ruled three dimensional Conway's Game of Life in the cube.
                A few glider based effect are predefined for convinience.

- serial -      Library to interact with the uart module and parse the commands and parameters received by it.
                Echo is managed. 

External libraries (other people's work):

- config -      General library for configuring the PLL oscillator and uart mapping.

- uart -        Library which include functions to easily interact with the uart module.


Code for controlling a custom made 8x8x8 LED cube via SPI






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