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Simple client for GitHub issues

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hubugs - Simple client for GitHub issues


hubugs is a very simple client for working with GitHub's issue tracker.


This package is in a rapid state of flux right now, as support for version 3 of the GitHub API is added. Be aware there may be some significant changes to the user interface coming soon!


hubugs requires Python v2.6 or newer, including Python 3. hubugs's mandatory dependencies outside of the standard library are aaargh, blessings, configobj, html2text, httplib2, Jinja and Pygments.


Before hubugs can operate on issues you must generate an OAuth token. hubugs provides functionality to do this:

$ hubugs setup
GitHub user? [JNRowe]
GitHub password? <password>
Support private repositories? (Y/n) y
Configuration complete!


You can revoke the generated token at any time from the GitHub settings page.

If you wish to set the authorisation token from the command line you can use the HUBUGS_TOKEN environment variable. For example:

$ HUBUGS_TOKEN=xxx hubugs open


I'd like to thank the following people who have contributed to hubugs.


  • Ben Griffiths
  • Matt Leighton

Bug reports

  • Brandon Cady
  • Sorin Ionescu


  • James Gray
  • Jules Marleau
  • Siddiq Shamoon

If I've forgotten to include your name I wholeheartedly apologise. Just drop me a mail and I'll update the list!


If you find any problems, bugs or just have a question about this package either file an issue or drop me a mail.

If you've found a problem please attempt to include a minimal testcase so I can reproduce the problem, or even better a patch!

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