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-EclipseFP Haskell 2.0.5
+EclipseFP Haskell 2.1.0
Release Notes
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+EclipseFP Haskell 2.1.0
+Release Notes
+ EclipseFP relies on Scion, the Haskell IDE library, for a lot of its
+functionality. See for more information.
+ You cannot use the version from Hackage since commands have been
+added for eclipsefp. From version 1.111, eclipsefp includes a modified source
+distribution of scion, that is built and used by eclipsefp if the use built-in
+server preferences option is checked. Since it is by default, eclipse might be
+a bit slow to start the first time scion is built. Otherwise, you can build
+Scion from source (git clone git://, runhaskell
+Setup.hs configure/build/install)
+ - The profiler plugin references properly all needed plugins to compile under all versions of Eclipse
+ - Fix issues with special editors (Happy, Alex and web based editors)
+ - JDT and WST can be automatically installed when installing EClipseFP
+ - It is now allowed to have a project name that is not the same as the name of the cabal file. EclipseFP uses the cabal file found under the project. An error is logged if several cabal files exist.
+Upgrade notes:
+Known issues:
+Thanks to Alejandro Serrano Mena, B. Scott Michel and Martijn Schrage for their contributions.
+Thanks to all bug reporters and users for their feedback.
+Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!

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