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jQuery Standards Group

The jQuery Standards Group exists to give web developers a voice in the standards process.

It has three primary goals:

  • Represent the web developer community, including people involved with any project at the jQuery Foundation, to any web standards body and working group (W3C, ECMA/TC39, WHATWG, Khronos, etc) with the intention of developing and improving existing standards to better meet the needs of web developers.
  • Represent the web developer community, including people involved with any project at the jQuery Foundation, to browser vendors with the intent of helping them identify standards that they should prioritize for implementing, and proofs of concept that they can build.
  • Help the jQuery Foundation projects adopt new standards and browser features as appropriate.

Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the jQuery Foundation Code of Conduct and the same is expected for those who want to participate, applied equally to founders, mentors, members and those seeking help and guidance.


The easiest way to help is to report (or comment on) issues to the issue tracker in this repository.

Issues should:

  • Identify problems with existing specs or specs in progress
  • Identify problems with existing implementations of standards

Feel free to comment on existing issues rather than opening a totally new one. We will roll up important comments into the body of the issue periodically to ensure that the issues are as clear as possible.

Our goal is to collect well-specified and articulate issues with the web ecosystem as it exists today and advocate for improvements with the standards bodies or vendors.

In general, the purpose of this project is to help shed light on what the web community can collectively do to make the web a better place more rapidly.

Triage Process

If a new issue reflects the same concern as an existing issue, we will incorporate any new information into the existing issue and close it as a duplicate.

If it is a genuinely new issue, we might format and edit it for style consistency, in order to help the comprehension for any other contributor.

If applicable, we will also file tickets with the appropriate standards group, work group, or browser vendor and link the issue to the remote ticket.

Why does the web developer community need a forum like this?

The purpose of the jQuery Standards Group is to create a forum where the web developer community can come together to discuss shared concerns and values.

Browser implementors, as part of their job, communicate with each other directly about potential new standards and features. This makes their discussion on the mailing lists and throughout the process more coherent and reflective of their shared values.

Like implementors, this doesn't mean that we'll always agree on the obvious best course of action, but it does mean that we'll have a place to find areas of consensus and discuss how we would like to see the process move forward.

By creating this forum, we hope that we give voice to the millions of web developers deeply invested in the process but without a natural way to aggregate their concerns.


Giving web developers a voice in the standards process



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