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NB: This is an old PoC project which is no longer maintained, since it uses an old and depricated Hyperledger Fabric version (v0.6)

To start the demo:

  1. The chaincode GO code needs to be vendored, first create the folder, and go there: mkdir -p chaincode/agrifood/vendor/ && cd chaincode/agrifood/vendor/
  2. clone the hyperledger v0.6 branch: git clone -b v0.6
  3. Configure the docker-compose file (docker-compose.yaml)
  • services/environment/FRONTEND_ORIGIN: set URL of front-end application (default front-end will start on port 3000)
  1. Configure the front-end (client/frontend/src/app/config.ts):
  • set the API_URL variable to the blockchain API (defaults to port 8081)
  1. Build the docker images docker-compose build (this takes a while)

  2. Launch the application with docker-compose up (the first time doing this, it takes a while)

  3. Start the application by navigating to the front-end URL in a browser (e.g. http://localhost:3000, when the application runs locally

  4. See blockchain/config/membersrvc.yaml for usernames/passwords to use (starting from line 117 is a list of users you can use)

  5. Log in with a couple of users, so they are known by the webserver (once a user is logged-in, the webserver can use the generated public keys of the users to register in the smart-contract)

  6. When logged-in with a user, click "Deploy" to deploy the smart contract

  7. Once deployed, you can interact with the smart-contract (go through the entire flow of certifying/producing grapes) using the front-end application (note: works best in the Google Chrome browser)

  8. To view the output of the deployed smart-contract, open a new terminal window and enter: docker logs -f dev-[peerID]-[chaincodeID] 2>&1 | grep Agrifood, so for example: docker logs -f dev-vp0-54b08a443b47afee1f4e955ba15f8ee564952d989f99fb536deb86c3b6921953 2>&1 | grep Agrifood


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