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This repository has been archived by the owner on Apr 19, 2018. It is now read-only.

Releases: JakeWharton/ActionBarSherlock

Version 4.4.0

14 Aug 15:59
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  • Add Gradle support.
  • Fix: Use 'sw' and 'w' qualifiers on ICS+ only to prevent OEM resource bugs.
  • Fix: Improve handling of popup windows to prevent leaks.
  • Fix: Support turning off textAllCaps style attribute on action items.
  • Fix: Potential logging NullPointerException when a MenuItem title was omitted.

Version 4.3.1

14 Aug 16:00
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  • Fix: Importing library into Eclipse as a Maven module now works correctly.
  • Prevent dispatching touch events to both action bar and content view on API
    11 and up.
  • Add Hebrew and Brazillian translations to i18n module.

Version 4.3.0

14 Aug 16:00
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  • New: FEST module for testing ActionBarSherlock classes.
  • New: i18n module for including internationalized strings used by actionbar.
  • Removed dialog themes.
  • Fix: SearchView suggestions now work properly.
  • Fix: Prevent rare NPE when restoring state on pre-Honeycomb devices.
  • Fix: Correct behavior of IcsColorDrawable's setAlpha method.
  • Fix: Handle cases where Locale.ROOT is not present on pre-Honeycomb.
  • Fix: Correct tab measurement edge-case on pre-Honeycomb.
  • Use custom Toast layout to ensure consistent look and feel.
  • Fix: Prevent monkey runners from uselessly crashing.
  • Fix: Do not hold on to old menu items after a call to invalidateOptionsMenu.
  • Fix: Ensure ShareActionProvider works when only one intent is available.
  • Fix: Scroll list navigation to the selected item when opened.

Version 4.2.0

14 Aug 16:00
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Maven artifactId is now 'actionbarsherlock'.

Note: The .Dialog themes are now deprecated. These will be removed in a future
version of the library.

  • Add SearchView widget for standard search interaction (API 8+ only)
  • Fix: ShareActionProvider in the split action bar no longer fills the entire
  • Fix: ShareActionProvider now does file I/O on a background thread.
  • Fix: Automatically correct ColorDrawable not respecting bounds when used as
    a stacked background.
  • Fix: Ensure fragments collection is present before dispatching events.
  • Fix: XML-defined onClick searches the correct context for the declared
  • Fix: Ensure action mode start/finish callbacks are invoked on the activity
    for the native action bar.
  • Fix: Allow tab callbacks to have a fragment transaction instance for any
  • Fix: Ensure CollapsibleActionView callbacks are dispatched in both native
    and compatbility action bars.
  • Fix: Remove .ForceOverflow themes. These never should have been included.

Version 4.1.0

14 Aug 16:01
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  • Fix: Altered technique used for menu event dispatching through the fragment
    manager for greater control.
  • Fix: Do not dispatch menu creation event if the activity has been destroyed.
  • Fix: Correct potential NullPointerException when expanding an action item.
  • Fix: Correct potential NullPointerException when the hardware menu key was
    pressed in an activity that is forcing the overflow menu.
  • Fix: Do not set a listener on the native action bar tab wrapper unless a
    compatibility listener has been set.
  • Fix: Ensure the compatibility animation framework is always available on
    views even if they were previously detached from the view hierarchy.

Version 4.0.2

14 Aug 16:02
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  • Upgrade to r7 support library.
  • Fix: Do not trigger menu creation after onCreate if activity is finishing.
  • Fix: Prevent overflow from displaying if there are no overflow action items.
  • Fix: Long-pressing menu key no longer triggers overflow.
  • Fix: Use proper tab state-list drawable to mimic ICS.
  • Fix: Ensure dispatching menu creation and preparation to fragments can
    properly return false when appropriate to avoid rendering artifacts.
  • Fix: Properly save and fetch action mode tag on ICS.
  • Fix: Add missing density-specific resources for certain asssets and remove
    unused assets.

Version 4.0.1

14 Aug 16:02
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  • Add ShareActionProvider widget for use as action items.
  • Re-add 'Styled' sample to provide a more comprehensive theming example.
  • Fix: Do not dispatch options item selection to fragments if the activity
    handles the callback.
  • Fix: Prevent menu key from opening the overflow menu when an action mode is
    currently displayed.
  • Fix: Ensure fragment transaction instance is not null on initial tab
    selection callback.
  • Fix: Displaying an action mode while using stacked tab navigation no longer
    throws an exception.
  • Fix: Using expandable action item callbacks no longer results in a possible
    exception on older devices.

Version 4.0.0

14 Aug 16:03
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Complete rewrite of the library to backport the Android 4.0 action bar.

  • The minimum supported version of Android is now 2.1 (API 7).
  • New base activities are provided (e.g., SherlockActivity and
    SherlockFragmentActivity) which extend from the native activities.
  • The support library sources are no longer included in the library. You must
    include android-support-v4.jar in your project separately.
  • Theming now mirrors that of the native action bar through the use of multiple
    styles rather than through ab- and am-prefixed attributes in the theme.
  • The action bar can be statically attached to an activity view without the
    requirement of using one of the provided base activities.

Version 3.5.1

14 Aug 16:03
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  • Fix: NullPointerException in FragmentManager can no longer occur when an
    attempt is being made to save to a Bundle that has not yet been created.
  • Fix: Pre-3.0 action item submenu dialogs now properly dismiss themselves when
    an item of theirs is selected.

Version 3.5.0

14 Aug 16:03
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  • Library now uses the r6 version of the compatibility library for its base.
    Ice Cream Sandwich-specific implementations are currently disabled, however,
    but will be added in a future version of the library.

MenuCompat, MenuItemCompat, and ActivityCompat have be added back in
to ease transition to this library but all their methods and the classes
themselves have been deprecated.

  • Rewritten menu and action item support from Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Removed the need for the custom Window.FEATURE_ACTION_ITEM_TEXT flag.
    You should now use the showAsAction attribute and/or the
    setShowAsAction(int) method on each MenuItem to control whether or
    not text is shown
  • Action item dividers are now added automatically only when necessary
    to distinguish possible confusion between action items.
  • Fix: Action views now properly size themselves within the bounded space
    of the menu.
  • Fix: List navigation no longer becomes unusable on certain device
  • Fix: SubMenu's findItem(int) method now properly returns the support
    version of MenuItem.
  • Fix: Invisible sub-menu items are no longer shown on the pre-3.0 popup list.