This tool check syntax of PHP files faster than serial check with fancier output.
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PHP Parallel Lint

This tool checks syntax of PHP files faster than serial check with a fancier output.

Running parallel jobs in PHP is inspired by Nette framework tests.


Just run the following command to install it:

composer require --dev jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint

For colored output install the suggested package jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter:

composer require --dev jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter

Example output

Example use of tool with error

Options for run

  • -p <php> Specify PHP-CGI executable to run (default: 'php').
  • -s, --short Set short_open_tag to On (default: Off).
  • -a, --asp Set asp_tags to On (default: Off).
  • -e <ext> Check only files with selected extensions separated by comma. (default: php,php3,php4,php5,phtml,phpt)
  • --exclude Exclude a file or directory. If you want exclude multiple items, use multiple exclude parameters.
  • -j <num> Run jobs in parallel (default: 10).
  • --colors Force enable colors in console output.
  • --no-colors Disable colors in console output.
  • --no-progress Disable progress in console output.
  • --checkstyle Output results as Checkstyle XML.
  • --json Output results as JSON string (require PHP 5.4).
  • --blame Try to show git blame for row with error.
  • --git <git> Path to Git executable to show blame message (default: 'git').
  • --stdin Load files and folder to test from standard input.
  • --ignore-fails Ignore failed tests.
  • -h, --help Print this help.
  • -V, --version Display this application version.

Recommended setting for usage with Symfony framework

For run from command line:

./bin/parallel-lint --exclude app --exclude vendor .

or setting for ANT:

<condition property="parallel-lint" value="${basedir}/bin/parallel-lint.bat" else="${basedir}/bin/parallel-lint">
    <os family="windows"/>

<target name="parallel-lint" description="Run PHP parallel lint">
    <exec executable="${parallel-lint}" failonerror="true">
        <arg line="--exclude" />
        <arg path="${basedir}/app/" />
        <arg line="--exclude" />
        <arg path="${basedir}/vendor/" />
        <arg path="${basedir}" />

Create Phar package

PHP Parallel Lint supports Box app for creating Phar package. First, install box app:

curl -LSs | php

and then run this command in parallel lint folder, which creates parallel-lint.phar file.

box build

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