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abea commented Feb 9, 2021

Clearly describe the bug

declaration-property-unit-allowed-list trips on SCSS function contents. Specifically color functions, which it should ignore.

Which rule, if any, is the bug related to?


What code is needed to reproduce the bug?

$input-border: #639;

button {
  border: 1px solid lighten($input-border, 20%);
azu commented Nov 1, 2019


export declare type TextlintRuleReportHandler = {
    [P in ASTNodeTypes]?: (node: TypeofTxtNode<P>) => void | Promise<any>;
} & {
    [index: string]: (node: any) => void | Promise<any>;
 * Textlint rule reporter function
export declare type TextlintRuleReporter<T extends object = {}> = (context: Readonly<TextlintRuleContext>, options?: TextlintRuleOptions<T>) 
lsimoneau commented Mar 22, 2017

I really like enforcing one expectation per example. But with RSpec's exception matching, you need two expect calls if you want to assert something about an exception:

expect { my_code }.to raise_error(MyErrorType) do |error|
  expect(error.message).to match /something went wrong/

There's no way to match against the error message without first wrapping the call, and RSpec o

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