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Morpheuz Sleep Monitor with Smart Alarm

Do you ever wonder how well you sleep? The Morpheuz Sleep Monitor uses the Pebble's built in accelerometer to monitor your night's sleep and provide a graph of how much you moved overnight.

Morpheuz is a watch app that monitors your movement and periodically transmits this information to your iPhone or Android phone, where the Javascript component within the Pebble app stores it. The Morpheuz configuration page in the Pebble app shows a graph, allows the setting of a smart alarm and resetting for the next night.

The "smart alarm" defines your earliest and latest wake up times. Morpheuz will do a alarm watch vibration if you stir during that time period or, should you remain motionless, at the end of that time period.

No data is stored anywhere other than on the phone. Data is sent to the configuration page for graphing but this stores no information.

It's simple to install. There is no iOS or Android app to buy, nothing to sign up for and it's free.

Please visit for further information.

Sleep well.

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